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Microsoft Sam

Microsoft Sam is the short-tempered brother of Mike. Never admitting that he's in the wrong, Sam is quick to throw tantrums when he doesn't get his way. The fandom often has a love/hate relationship with him, mainly due to his "control freak" tendencies (throwing personnel out of the studio, firing Scotty or Guy, and preventing relationships); it was later revealed that this habit comes from a disease known as a "tic controllosa", which he has zapped away by anyone with laser eyes, though he always relapses due the the Chairman of Hades constantly putting tic controllosa serum in the water supply to create strife. He has short black hair, black eyes, white skin, jeans, and a yellow shirt. He often argues with Elias, Mr. Warner, and Wally about who is in charge of the studio.

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LT Bloopers 158 The Long and Winding Blooper

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About Davemadson
ELIAS2000, aka lukesams3, is a respected TTS video maker from Headphone Audience. He has created nearly 200 TTS videos since November 2013 under his former account, lukesams3, and his current account until April 7, 2014. On January 10, 2017, ELIAS2000 reopened his channel as "ELIAS2000 ELIAS2000".
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